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Since 1999 the first site dedicated to hail.

Meteteograndine was born in 1999 as the first web portal in Italy and in Europe totally dedicated to hail, and it is in 1999 that it carries out the first hail reporting services addressed, in that year, only to the Liguria region.

Soon the hail reporting was extended to the entire national territory. Since 2006 the whole of Europe has been covered, with particular attention to Western Europe, and since 2010 to the whole world with a dedicated focus on specific countries such as the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil, but the information conveyed to our customers covers all countries.

Our clients include small and large dent repair companies, insurance institutions, investigative research institutes, construction companies, college students and weather centers.

With regard to dent repair companies, whether they are small professional entities or large companies, the information is sent in the same way, at the same time and with the same detail, without any preference.

The service is based on events that actually happened, unlike similar European and Italian companies that use event analysis by radar. The radar does not always generate true information about what is happening, relying on the reflectivity that can be high even in the presence of extremely high water masses, but with the absence of hail. The information is transmitted to the smartphone, or other device preferred by the customer, and gathers information about the location, population, size of the hail, intensity, and whether or not there is any damage. The information sent concerns only and exclusively hailstorms with damage, or potential damage, all other minor hailstorms are equally collected and transmitted in the evening summaries.

Meteograndine was the first company to use the transmission of information by SMS, sending more than 13,000 text messages every two months during the high season. Due to the high number of information transmitted, the SMS service was abandoned because it was no longer sufficient to ensure a detailed transmission of information on the event. Currently the service and information are conveyed through the use of web messaging platforms that allow the transmission of longer and more detailed messages that can be read wherever there is data coverage.

Meteograndine’s database is one of the most provided at national and European level, and is constantly updated. Meteograndine provides statistics, monthly and annual lists, and certifications, for professional offices, universities, insurance institutions and for the construction of high engineering works that must withstand extreme weather events.

Other services to assist in the activities of dent repair will be availableailable shortly.

Consulting and Hail Weather Alert activities. The hail weather alert service is based on the possible daily evolution of storms capable of generating destructive hail. The service is on macro-scale, and like all weather forecasting services, is susceptible to change, or not to be perfectly aligned to the occurrence of events on micro-scale.

Daily reporting activities cover 365 days a year without distinction between weekdays and holidays, and are carried out from early morning until late evening, sometimes early at night, depending on the spread of events.

For all the information about the services contact our Editorial Staff at the numbers 328-2757547333-7635606 or write to

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